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  • “Cyber Courses on this website pertain to Cyber Crime Helpline LLP”

  • “Cyber Courses on this website pertain to Cyber Crime Helpline LLP”

We provide Free Advisory and Consultancy for Cyber Cases in our Cyber Advisory Cell manned by our trained students and professionals.

Welcome to Cyber Security Courses

Cyber Crime Helpline LLP

Cyber Crime Helpline LLP, an ISO 27001 certified company in Pune, is a firm believer in providing quality knowledge and higher student to teacher ratio. The Courses offered are varied and are beneficial to the student/s aspiring knowledge involving more of practical cyber aspects pertaining to any type of crime investigation.
If you are searching for a comprehensive curriculum to venture into the world of Cyber Space, we are there to enhance your knowledge. The courses are so designed that it is useful to working professional as well as enthusiasts alike.
For the working professional, it is bound to give a decisive edge to your calibre in the IT field whereas for those who want to undertake this course for the sake of independently working as a Comprehensive Cyber Investigator, we would offer a complete course.

Cyber Crime Helpline is providing several courses suited to all type of professionals. Our courses will help you in building your career in available arenas of cyber domain. We have special courses for police personnel, banking professionals, Armed Forces personnel and Advocates apart from anyone who is Cyber enthusiast and intends to open his/her own Investigative Agency.

Director’s Message

 I on behalf of Cyber Crime Helpline LLP welcome the new students for the Cyber related Courses. It will be our endeavor to impart knowledge with development of practical skills in their sphere of work. The students who have completed their course with us can join the Cyber Advisory Cell either virtually online or physically at our Pune Center. To join the Cyber Advisory Cell, one needs to apply by email after their course or after completing the 3rd module of Forensics. Cyber Advisory Cell (CAC) was opened in Apr 2016 to provide free advisory online or offline to the victims to assist them in their cyber cases. 
I also advise the students not to use the skills gained for unethical purposes. Any student caught in trying/attempting any wrongful/unethical use of the knowledge would bear the consequence of any legal action contemplated against them. 
During the course/s, the students would be given assignments to be completed before their next class. Students are encouraged to give maximum time for the internship/live case/s as and when tasked.